We are now in: Poland


Montreux: The Queen Experience

We were still in Oporto and I knew for a fact that Montreux would be a mandatory stop during our trip to Poland. Montreux is an essential place for every Queen fan out there and as so, I was anxious to get there. In the margins of lake Geneve we can found the famous Freddie Mercury statue that is the ...

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Trümmelbach & Interlaken, Switzerland

Switzerland has millions of wonderful places to go for a hike. I opened a Swiss guide trying to find some nice one-day mountain trip close to Zurich and felt totally overwhelmed with the number of places, mountain tracks, small cute villages by lakes, etc. Unfortunately the weather was not good, it was very cloudy, chilly and rainy. We were not ...

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History, industry, nature and design: Zurich, Switzerland.

It is not easy to write about Zurich because it is full of contrasts. On one hand elegant old town with 13th century  church, on the other big industrial districts with uninteresting gray buildings. Although it is the biggest city in Switzerland, you can feel a certain tone of provincialism, simplicity and most of all tranquility. People willingly commute by ...

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