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Fluffy green tea pillows, Cameron Highlands: Malaysia

Cameron Highlands-32

I was welcomed by serpentine road that made me feel sick and heavy rain that didn’t stop even for a second during our first day there. We spent the day hiding in our room, smelling the fungus on the roof of our room.  We stayed in a OK and cheap hostel, with a very friendly owner, but terrible rooms. We ...

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Bandung and Kawah Putih Volcano, Indonesia

kawah putih

The trip by train from Jakarta was amazing. We left early in the morning, took the cheapest seats by the window. Renato was falling asleep, but I couldn’t stop staring out the window. The incredibly intense green of the grass and rice fields mixed with dark red of dirt and brown color of palm trees. The people were working on ...

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One trip to hell… and back: Ijen Crater, Java, Indonesia

It’s time to go down to what some consider to be hell on earth. An active volcano that spits sulfur from its guts and is the source of income of many families living in this East Java region. This is it. We’re going to enter an active volcano, dangerous, and we are paying for it… These people do it every ...

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Ogre Island, Mawlamyine


It is almost impossible to visit Mawlamyine without hearing about Ogre Island. It is located about one hour trip with a ferry that is packed with people and all kinds of merchandise and motorbikes that people carry to the island. The trip costs 9800 Kyats for two people for a return ticket. We ended up going with a local guide ...

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Disappointing beginnings of the Inle Lake

Inle Lake-2

Inle Lake was supposed to be amazing. I had read about this place a lot and I knew it’s one of the most touristy places in Myanmar and I wanted to avoid the commercial side of it. Did I manage? Not really, but still, it was amazing. The beginning was rather unpleasant. First of all, the long all night trip ...

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Motorbike trip in Chiang Mai, Thailand


As you might know from our previous article about Chiang Mai, there were many things we didn’t do there… We didn’t really find a good, trustworthy travel agency to do some rafting or trekking and I couldn’t decide which elephant santuary is reliable. Almost every street in the old town of Chiang Mai has some offices selling different tours and ...

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Two days stopover in Hpa An, Myanmar

Hpa An-20

We were heading to the north of the country but wanted to stop somewhere between Mawlamyine and Inle Lake. We got to the conclusion that Hpa An would be our best option after talking to some people and reading some stuff about it. It’s only 60 hours distance and we thought it might be interesting. The city itself is small ...

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The biggest Reclining Buddha in the world


About 20 km of Mawlamyine is Win Sein Taw Ya, the biggest reclining Buddha in the world. It’s a gigantic 30 meters high and 180 meters long statue that can be spotted many from miles away. The entry road to the complex has 500 real sized statues of monks which gives it a surreal aspect. They have their back faced to ...

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First stop in Myanmar: Mawlamyine


This was our first stop in a big city in Myanmar. We had spent the previous night in Myawaddy after a long trip from Chiang Mai in Thailand to cross the border and couldn’t visit it properly. We could however instantly realize we were in a very different country from those we’ve visited previously in our trip. The women have ...

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Mawlamyine: first impressions from Myanmar


The first thought: it feels like India! A huge chaos on the road, cows wandering around, lots of stray dogs, it’s dirty, the rubbish is absolutely everywhere, darker faces, bigger religious diversity, guys are wearing traditional “dresses”. After three months in south-east Asia we are happy this country feels a bit different. The road from the border to Mawlamyine  wasn’t ...

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