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Some blogs that inspire us and help us preparing our travels:




Goats – Nick and Dariece – are a Canadian couple who turned their travels into a lifestyle. In 2008 they dropped their normal lives in Canada and started traveling, making money on their way. They have visited 45 countries on 4 continents, seen 5 Wonders Of The World and too many UNESCO Heritage Sites to count. Their website is a real masterpiece – you can find there literally thousands of great posts about their adventures, tips on how to save and earn money while traveling, and many more!



Earl started a three month trip in 1999 and never stopped. He has visited more than 85 countries and keeps going. Definitely one of the most famous travelers in the world. He organizes trips, where everybody can discover new places with him. Travels are everything for him, to say the least 🙂

World in words


Delia started traveling in 2013 with a trip from Turkey to China and fell in love with traveling. Currently, she works as a travel consultant and freelance tour guide, based in South Africa. Interesting and very well written.


Mortiz is a blogger from Germany. In 2014 he flew to Japan and started his dream travel through south-east Asia, Australia and Japan. Very neat blog and great instagram account.




Magda and Tomek during almost a four-year trip traveled by probably all means of transport: USA by car, Central America by bus, South America by motorcycle (!), Pacific Ocean by boat-hitchhiking and Asia by bicycles. Great writing style and wonderful photos.

Other Blogs-2


Amazing blog of a couple, whose lives are all about traveling. They have been blogging for over ten years now, they have thousands of fans, meetings, presentations and lectures all over Poland. Start reading and you will sail away to a stunning world of their travels. Respect and jealousy 🙂



Blog written by a very nice couple who traveled through Asia by bicycles. Interesting and useful tips about Asian countries.



Amazing idea of polish students who bought an old van, restored it and now organize trips all over the world. Great idea for cheap and unforgettable travels. We also kind of copied their blog’s theme 😀


Crazy, but also, as he calls himself, a normal student that travels the world hitchhiking. Interesting projects and valuable tips  from Przemek who has traveled over 100 000 kilometers thumbing all his rides. Straightforward and deep.




Ricaro Ribeiro says he started travelling the world quite late but  he has quickly made up for the lost time. He writes about his adventures in about 60 countries(so far) in www.cruzamundos.com . This blog also has interviews with fellow travellers, stories about people he meets around the world and photo galleries with images of his favourite places. Definetely worth to follow him.


Other Blogs-4http://www.2numundo.com

Follow the adventures of these two bicycle trips fans. They have done Portugal to Turkey and back before and recently went to Macao always cycling. You have now the opportunity of traveling with Rafael as he has become a guide in the meantime.



This is the story of Joana and Nuno. They just finished a trip from New Zealand to Portugal by bicycle. They are without any doubt and inspiration to any traveler wannabe.

joão leitão


João has one of the websites I´ve  been following for the longest time. With more than 100 countries visited, he just on the road at any opportunity and tells us all about it both in word and pictures and always has the best tips about every corner of the world.


fm gomes


Filipe is a Professional traveler. With 2 around the world trips, one by himself and another one with his family, and dozens of other independent trips we can be sure we will travel on his words and will be tempted on leaving with him. You can actually do it through Nomad.

pedro daqui ali


Daqui Ali is my favourite blog right now. Pedro is currently on a trip between Vale de Cambra (Portugal) and Cape Town by bicycle. Three years ago he went  from Portugal to Singapore and back  mainly hitchhiking and wrote the book Daqui Ali which I highly recommend. I hope he will be writing for many years to come.

dar a volta


In Inácio Rozeira we have one of the biggest references in traveling in Portugal. He travelled all India on a ’66 Royal Enfield with a side car for Helena, his faithful travel partner and recently went on a trip around south America in an old VW wagon. Everything very well described in daravolta.com



This Brazilian couple is currently on an epic car trip that will take them to the four corners of the world. They have just edited their first book – Viajo logo existo Um ano na Estrada – and they do not think of finishing their trip that soon. With an impressive 500.000 followers on facebook, it’s totally worth to follow this trip with them.

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