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Lost in central Europe: Liechtenstein


We passed through Liechtenstein when we were on the way from Zurique to Salzburg. Even though we’ve spent there only one afternoon, we want to share with you some facts, pics and our experience in the sixth smallest country in the world.

This little principality is hidden in the Alps between Switzerland and Austria in the center of Europe. It has only 37 thousand people and 26km of length. It’s capital, Vaduz, is clean and organized and it’s main attractions are all located in a short distance. The saint Florin Cathedral is a Neo-Gothic church that rose to the status of Cathedral after a visit from the Pope in 1997. Right next to it is the main government building. The postage stamp museum, the city hall and the main square are all in a 5 minutes walking distance from each other.





Vaduz castle is located on a hill right above the city center and it’s closed to tourists as it is the official residence of the royal family since 1938. It is a small castle, but represents the country well. From there, you can see the city and on the fields next to the road that goes up the hill, there are the vineyards owned by the prince.



Liechtenstein’s official language is German and it’s currency is the Swiss franc. Though its obvious connections to Germany, Switzerland and Austria, its citizens are very proud of where they are from and don’t like to be mistaken by any of its neighbors. It is an expensive country to visit but it’s one of the richest countries in the world and it’s unemployment rate is almost none, so the prices in restaurants, coffees and shops reflect this reality.




We can’t say we were super excited for having visited this micro country because it has little to offer when compared to Switzerland or Austria right next door, but at the same time we were glad to have been there because I think it’s a mandatory stop when you are in that region of Europe.

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