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Suggested motorcycle route through Koh Samui

When we were on Koh Samui, renting a motorbike was the best way of visiting the island. Of course, there are private taxis and songthaew, but it is a quite expensive and not very convenient mean of transportation, as after visiting each attraction you have to look for the next car. I already wrote about the island here. Below I’m presenting my suggested route that includes all of the most interesting points on the island, both monuments and natural attractions. The route has only 60 km, but I recommend to dedicate the whole day for it, as there are some long visits involved. Bring swimming suits, towels, water and a camera.

  1. As you will be renting your bike from different places, the route will start in probably the most characteristic point on Koh Samui, the Temple of Big Buddha (Wat Phra Yai). Additionally, it’s a place an easy to locate, not only due to many road signs, but also because of its location. 12 meter Buddha statue is situated on a hill on an artificial island, so it is visible from far. You won’t have problems with finding a parking on the island next to the gate to the temple. The entrance is free, and there are some souvenir shops around.
  2. Less than 2 km away there is another temple, Wat Plai Laem. On its grounds, in the middle of a small lake there are a couple of statues, like a statue of a Chinese goddess Guanyin with 18 arms or a statue of Chinese fat Buddha and some colorful temple buildings,There is plenty of parking space and the entrance is free.
  3. 10 km later, going east on the main road along the coast, you can visit the Fishermen Village, a pleasant place for an early lunch. The village, or to be more precise, the street, is an old district of Chinese immigrants. Charming wooden houses converted into restaurants where you will find fresh seafood served right on the beach.
  4. The next part of the trip belongs to you, you can get lost a bit, stop for pictures or speed through hills. To get there you need to go back a little on the main road 4169 and look for a sign “Lamai Beach Shortcut”. It’s Soi Bond Kai road, called by locals ghost road, maybe because it leads mainly through not inhabited areas inside the island and there isn’t much traffic there. A gorgeous, half an hour ride through hills, valleys and palm tree forests.On the way there are no signs, so follow your instinct…
  5. After half an hour of silence and calmness, the next place might seem funny and absurd, yet it is one of the most famous attractions of the island. I’m talking about two stones, Grandmother and Grandfather (Hin Ta and Hin Ya) that look like female and male genitals, respectively. You can park somewhere close to Lamai beach or right next to the rocks for 10 Bahts.
  6. Five kilometers ahead, by the main 4169 road there is an inconspicuous temple with a mummified body of a monk who died almost 40 years ago. He sits there leg crossed in dark sunglasses Ray Ban, as if nothing had happened. Free entrance, but donations appreciated.
  7. If you are already tired and need a longer break, go back to the main road and look for a sign to one of the waterfalls. We went to Namueang 2 Waterfall, but I think that Namueang 1 might be a better option as it has a better lagoon, where you can freshen up in cold water. We ended up in 2 and after 20 minutes of hiking we reached a rather small waterfall with a tiny lake with turbid water. But, in change, by the entrance there is an elephant trekking center. We do not support it, but for a couple of hundreds of Bahts you can have a ride, and for free you can stroke them 🙂 Additionally, there are some other attractions like zip line, waterslide, etc. The entrance is for free, but you need to leave your bike around 1 kilometer from the waterfall. You have two options: walk (15 minutes but it’s a steep hike) or take a jeep for 100 Bahts both ways.
  8. Next, come back again to the main 4169 road and go back in direction of the temple with the mummified monk. Right before the temple turn left (there should be a sign to Secret Buddha Garden). Go up the narrow, not very frequented road. On the way you will pass another elephant trekking center. Keep driving up until you get to the sign Magic Buddha Garden. If you are still up for a walk, see the garden full of sculptures and statues of buddhist gods. The entrance is 80 Bahts.
  9. If you are tired, you can skip the garden and instead of turning right keep going straight, then turn the first road going steep up. You will find there a small coffee shop with a perfect viewpoint. Sit on the edge, order fresh mango juice and enjoy the views over the south-east and south-west corners of Koh Samui.
  10. For sunset, I recommend a simple and small restaurant on the western coast: I-Talay Nasai & Restaurant. Order Pad Thai or some other thai dish and relax watching the sun going down.

I hope this suggested motorcycle route through Koh Samui will help you organize your time better and you will enjoy the places of interest I chose.

To see more pictures from Ko Samui, click here.


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  1. I love Thailand, ko samui is my favorite place..

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