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Avoid highways! N-634 road, Spain

There are two types of people in the world. The first one are people who prefer driving a car on an elegant paid highway, speed 130 km/h or more, put a hand outside the window and make a “wave”, go straight, not look around and not worry about signposts. The second includes the fans of  secondary roads with interesting views, ...

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Positive surprise no. 1: San Sebastián

We are sitting by the Zurriola beach, the sun is finally shining. We are eating a tasty Campero sandwich from a nearby Campero bar, watching a body board competition that we encountered by coincidence. Four bikes are standing next to us, as our hosting couple Mayra and Aritz, very friendly and sporty architects, took us for a cycling visiting tour ...

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Bilbao, a capital in its own right

Mainly known for being the capital city of Basque Country and Guggenheim museum, Bilbao is a modern, well-organized and neat city. We got an impression, that this must be a really nice place to live in, both for its cultural and economic development. There are many public libraries, exhibition centers, museums, small galleries, theaters, etc. Our host, a proud Basque, ...

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Land of cider: Oviedo, Asturias.

Oviedo is the capital city of a wonderful land of Asturias, a region of absolutely beautiful countryside and picturesque mountains Picos de Europa. Asturias is known as being the only part of the Iberian Peninsula that was never conquered by the Moors. Ever since the bottle of Covadonga in 722, when Don Pelayo drew the enemy army south starting la ...

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Starting from the end: Santiago de Compostela

Although for many travelers Santiago de Compostela is a destination city, we chose this place as our first stop. Santiago is the capital of Galicia, the most north-west region of Spain. It owes its name to Apostle Santiago (St. James) whose tomb remains in the cathedral after being discovered by a hermit who saw a falling star on top of ...

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