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Our backpacks

Magda’s backpack

Producer: Deuter

Collection: Quantum

Capacity: 55 + 10 + 10 L

Weight: 2.75 kg

Size: 78 x 32 x 22 (34 with the small backpack) cm

Looking for a perfect backpack I cared about the size, I was thinking of 50-60L of capacity and the possibility of accessing the main compartment from the front. This function was important for me as I knew that we will be sleeping in different places every couple of days, and a fast packing and unpacking the backpack was a priority for me. Is there anything more irritation than having to unpack all the things in order to get to something that ended in the bottom of your pack?

Deuter Quantum backpack has a perfect size. 55 liters plus extra 10 liters in the collar was exactly enough for me to pack for our couple of months long south-east Asia backpacking trip. When I pack well, I don’t need to use the extra space in the collar. Yet, I find this space useful when I want to quickly pack, for example, my jacket. The access to the luggage from up and from the front gives me the possibility to find my things easily, without having to take all the things out. Moreover, the main compartment is divided into two parts, separated with a zipper. Thanks to that dirty shoes can always stay apart from the rest of the clothes.

Another great advantage of the backpack is an additional small backpack of 10 L of capacity. I use it non stop. It’s small, but can expanded by unzipping it. Thanks to that I have a backpack I use on daily basis, when the main pack stays in the hotel or in the trunk of a bus. It has an ideal size: fits perfectly a computer, jacket and a camera. At the same time it’s small enough to attach it to the front of the main backpack. The small pack can be also quickly attached to the shoulder straps and carry it on your chest. This is a useful solution if I need quick access to the “hand luggage”.

Also, I found the waterproof transport cover quite convenient. Although it’s quite big and quite (as for being just a piece of polyester) heavy, I use it a lot while traveling. You can close the backpack inside the transporter and lock it with a padlock. Like this I am sure that nobody rummages through it when it’s in the bus trunk. It’s also an extra protection during flights, when the backpack is sent as registered.

Quantum 55+10 is allegedly a special model adapted to woman’s figure and yes, it’s comfortable and the hip belt sustains the weight quite well.

The only disadvantage of the backpack is its weight: almost 3 kg!

I have to admit that Deuter Quantum was a great choice. I appreciate it for its perfect size, the access from the front, extra small backpack that I use all the time and waterproof transporter that protects my belongings from rain and theft when traveling by trains and buses.